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#8 - Acheter une Marionnette Dragon - Laquelle Choisir ?

#8 - buy a dragon puppet - which one?

#8 - buy a dragon puppet - which one?

The dragon is a part of every child's imagination. These amazing creatures are described in many stories and stories. Sometimes they are guardians of the treasure, sometimes jailers of the beautiful princess, but they don't always play the right role. However, if they don't know how to blow fire, or if they have difficulty growing tails, they can turn a terrible Dragon into a comedy character. If you don't know which dragon puppet to choose, follow the guide!

Dragon puppet

Original gift: string puppet

The dragon, with a long neck and a huge tail, looks like a string puppet. Pull different ropes to make these imaginary animals full of vitality and fascinate your audience. This kind of puppet is both interesting and interesting. Although you need to learn some skills to make your character's action real, it is still an easy to use and very interesting toy. Rest assured: manipulation is quite intuitive in the end.

Goki offers puppets in a child friendly style, like Long rope legged Dragon-Yes. Have fun and let it fly!

In a completely different universe, Ritchie designed this terrible one Three head hanging Dragon-Yes. The puppet itself is a real dungeon decoration. You can animate each of the three heads for excellent results.

Dragon to tell your story

Your child is irritable and hard to hear your story at night? Use puppets to attract his attention and turn your reading into a vivid and exciting performance. In many stories, the Dragon plays the worst role in history. In order to imitate the capture of the princess, choose a terrible and unhappy dragon. for instance The puppet dragon is on top of his dungeon Oh, my God! This is a perfect illustration of a folktale. For more than 30 years, the group has been a puppet manufacturer known for its high-quality plush toys and creative decorations. Young flamethrowers are also terrible... The puppet company designed this Bruce Lee is still in the egg-Yes. A perfect interactive puppet creates surprise... Shh! The Dragon suddenly came out of its shell to protect its treasure. You can even get his father involved,Scary Green Dragon-Yes. Fortunately, dragons can be good too! Take the famous moustache for example a magnolia, or krokmou in a cartoon LoongThese legendary creatures sometimes claim to be brave companions, even heroes in history. To play this role, go to friendly, friendly roles, such as Magic Green Dragon-Yes. This hand puppet looks like it came out of a cartoon. Puppet company, its creator, is very sensitive to every detail: you have a good entrance to make every word of your friend full of vitality. Guarantee the effect! Do you like a cute character? You're going to like this Little red dragon-Yes. Open arms, a big nose and curious eyes: this sheath puppet is perfect for itching.


With professional and semi professional puppet show

The dragon's figure is impressive, or funny. They are the perfect characters for vivid interaction. Our suppliers offer a range of professional and semi professional puppets. To portray a left dragon in a humorous program, go to This sock is a dragon Living Puppet. Her crooked eyes and tuft of pink hair make her smile from the start. Its attractive price is ideal to try to become ventriloquist without breaking the bank.

You may also fall for this Baby green dragon with cartoon style, who seems to be from the same family! If you're looking for a realistic character with shiny scales, take a look at this terrible black dragon. A hand puppet who spits fire and spreads his red wings to scare the younger ones. You could also animate this fearsome three-headed dragonFolkmanis. These high-quality puppets are an investment that guarantees to make a sensation at every performance. Now you know which puppet to choose? So go back to the on our website to offer you your fabulous dragon !

Author: Dare Green

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