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#1 - Acheter une Marionnette Singe - Laquelle Choisir ?

#1 -Buy a Monkey Marionette-Which Choose?

#1 -Buy a Monkey Marionette-Which Choose?

Very popular and designed to be manipulated, the puppet puppets can surprise you on the occasion of a family night, between friends or, why not, in scenic representation. Whether it's wire, hand or finger puppets, they are sure to amaze the little ones like the big ones. The toddlers are captivated by the colourful movements and characters. As they grow up, they become aware of the dialogues of their little heroes. If you want to organize a show, choose a history and simple sets. Older children manipulate puppets with great pleasure and become an actor in a story they can share with their peers.

Singe Marionette

Which monkey puppet choose?

To help you choose your monkey puppet, everything will depend on the audience and the desired effect on your audience, but also the type of spectacle you want to present and, of course, your level in ventrilogy. There are two main categories of puppets:
  • Large puppets with an articulate mouth, the effect of which is more realistic. However, this requires a certain degree of control and coordination between ventrilogy and manipulation.
  • Small puppets with or without jointed mouth that provide the ability to quickly reach different characters.

What kind of performance with a monkey puppet?

Interact with a single character or play with a group of characters? As well as the nature of your performance, the composition of your audience will help you determine what type of ventriloquist monkey puppet you will have to choose. Discover the presentation of the ventriloquist singe range of our supplier Puppet's Company Here, on our YouTube channel.

For a duet presentation, with a ventriloquist singe puppet

Like the famous ventriloques, such as Michel Dejeneffe and Tatayet or Jeff Panacloc and Jean-Marc, if you wish to present a " One man show ", prefer a large ventriloquist monkey puppet whose mouth is articulated:
  • The Black monkey puppet With an articulated mouth and its banana accessory in the hand plait a lot.

Singe Marionette


Some puppets are equipped with a couinator that offers the possibility of making noise to attract attention and to challenge your audience, among others ... He activs by pressing a part of the puppet. (Not yet available in monkeys, but foison in monsters! As here: Monsters Rounds )

For a show of the story or tale genre, with several characters

The articulable mouth is not necessarily necessary, as long as your show is aimed at a young audience or if you use several puppets to tell a story like that of the little red chaperone, or to stage a play of the Guignols type.

The story can be told while lending your voice to the different characters you animate. Here we will opt instead for small monkey puppets with threads, fingers or hands... as it small blue monkey which, with its bright colors, will capture the attention of the little ones.

These little heroes help children move from the real to the imaginary. They enjoy seeing them come to life before their eyes even if they quickly realize that they are not real people. The games with puppets evolve according to the age of the child.

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