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#2 - Marionnette Elmo, Cookie Monster et les Autres Personnages de chez Sesame Street

#2-elmo puppet, biscuit monster and other characters in Sesame Street

#2-elmo puppet, biscuit monster and other characters in Sesame Street

Elmo, a little monster, red fur and orange nose... A recognizable, symbolic series of Sesame Street puppets. For more than 50 years, Elmo and his friends have been entertaining children around the world. The first episode of Sesame Street was broadcast on American television in 1969 and was adapted and / or voiced in several countries, including France. The latest adaptation of Sesame Street 5 has been on the 5th in France since 2005.

Sesame Street puppet series

We offer you 18 different puppets representing the main characters of TV series. Our products include Elmo, as well as Cookie Monster (or macaron), Bert and Ernie, Grover grobi, count von count, sheep and horse. Let alone Oscar Lagrange and snail finch. All of these puppets are handmade and well handled. These characters have three different sizes, suitable for the hands of adults and children. All puppets in Sesame Street come from puppet suppliers in life. Founded in 2000, the German family business became a major partner of sesame worshop USA in 2004, producing and distributing puppets for famous figures in American TV series.

We have produced a demo video for each of the characters you find on our YouTube channel: Sesame Street Video

This is an example of Elmo and Cookie Monster:

Our puppet model for children

Elmo, Biscuit monster, Burt and Ernie It's 35 cm, between 20 and 25 euros. These hand puppets are easy to operate, with only one hand behind them. Your child can open and close the character's mouth, let him talk, and put his hand like a pliers. Finchen snails also have small sizes, at 38.50 euros *. For older children, we have 45 cm puppets, who manipulate themselves with two hands. The first hand is placed horizontally in the head to operate the jaw and the second hand is placed on one of the characters' arms. Our puppet sometimes has four fingers and sometimes five fingers, but it's always easy to hold and grab anything you want. Our medium puppet is finchen snail and sheep 46.80 euros *, Biscuit monster Ma is 58.30 euros, Ernie and Bert 63.50 euros. Your child is not interested in books, and when you read a story to him, he won't stand up. Why don't you give him a vivid interactive puppet reading? Create a puppet play that helps develop your child's imagination and language. We guarantee your game time and endless stories, regardless of size, thanks to these hand puppets provide a very good price performance.

Sesame Street Series puppets

Our adult puppet model

All characters in the Sesame Street series come in large sizes (65cm) and cost between 82.20 and 94.70 euros *. These hand puppets have two articulated arms. According to the same principle as a medium puppet, you put the first hand on your head and the second hand on the arm of your choice. If you have a partner, he can manipulate the puppet's second arm, or both. This collaborative work ensures good stories and crazy laughter in the family. These puppets also have a place in theaters and ventriloquists, amateurs and professionals. All products sold on our website are tested and approved by our own puppeteers Mariska.

*The prices mentioned in this article may change over time, corresponding to the prices at the time of writing on March 25, 2020.

By Anne Marie

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