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#3 - Acheter une Marionnette Éléphant - Laquelle Choisir ?

#3- buy an elephant puppet - which one?

#3- buy an elephant puppet - which one?

Use our different elephant puppets to dive into the prairie world! Little flying elephant, Babar, Elmer... Elephant has always been very attractive. These wild animals, big and small, have impressed people: big ears, long noses, precious fortifications... One thing is certain, these thick skinned animals are not like other animals. Get to know us Elephant puppet seriesTested and approved by our enthusiastic team.

Baby and baby elephant cell phone

Find a range of elephant phones designed for babies and children on our website. Wooden toys signed by goki are famous for their excellent cost performance. Love a lovely person Mobile elephant-Yes. Children will be attracted to the dance of statues of all colors. These beautiful things are decorative and interesting, like – Moving elephants flying A big ear elephant... Flying away!

Children puppet

Our suppliers are imaginative! To prove this, we offer you a variety of flavors of elephant puppets. Puppet company Lovely silk characters give them real joy in life. Tell stories and develop your children's imagination, but most importantly... Have a good time! It won't be fascinated by this Like hand puppet -Is that right? Of course not us! Goki also provides animated beans. For example, this Finger puppet Trio Put the prairie world at hand. Do it like usHave fun with all the small animals in Africa (elephants are still stars, of course). Finally, keep smiling Nella, Elephant Plush Always happy blue.

This is a small demo video:

Elephants for adults and professionals

To organize a lively performance or become an oral actor, Living pupae Provides cartoon style elephant puppets. For example, have a good time Elephant paw hand puppet-Yes. His big face and a strand of hair always stand on top of his head, making him a good comedy hero. For a role from the past, we call it Mammoth Fletcher Oh, my God! His messy hair, long white ivory, wide eyes at the world, you will be angry. Fletcher is a friendly character, you can animate the mouth and head. If you like a real elephant, turn it around Folk puppet-Yes. It's very suitable to invite Savannah to your home and make your African story full of vitality! You can reach the end of your nose and keep your new partner out. There are many other charming characters on our website. Please visit and find the ideal puppet.
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