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#4 - Acheter une Marionnette Chat - Laquelle choisir ?

#4 - Buy a Cat Puppet - Which one to choose?

#4 - Buy a Cat Puppet - Which one to choose?

Black, white, brown or pink, our range includes over 30 different cat puppets! For small or large, girl or boy, you will find your happiness at home to satisfy little cat lovers!

Cat puppets

Our baby cat puppets

From an early age, your child will be enchanted by the brand's kudos Doudou and CompanyFrom 14.60 euros*, this sweet stuff will accompany your baby's sleep. She will also be able to attract her attention and awaken her senses through her many rattles. You can also tell her animated stories with our finger puppets. For a unit price between 5.20 and 7.30 euro*, you can make up a set of farm animals or forest animals.


Our cat puppets for children and adults

For the larger, we have puppets of different size, which will fit into the hands of those who will make them live. Our hand or sheath puppets and handle very easily. They are manufactured and distributed by The Puppet Company. Some come directly from Living Puppets, a German family business established twenty years ago. These two companies offer very good quality prices. For example, our Red cat is a hand puppet that suits very well both small and large hands.

You position your hand in the sheath, with unfolding your fingers, you articulate the head and both arms of the puppet. With a little dexterity and training, you can even manipulate our feline's jaw to make it talk, or simply mimic a meow;-)

Voilà une petite démonstration ;-)


Your child doesn't stand up when you read a story to him. What if you did an interactive and live reading with puppets? A puppet theatre allows you to develop your child’s language and imagination. Our domestic pet puppets will be an ideal gamemate for your children:-) We guarantee you hours of games and endless stories for parents and children thanks to these hand puppets that offer a very good price. The size of our puppets is between 25 and 33 cm, for prices ranging from 10 to 17.70 euros*.


Our models for adult and professional ventriloquist puppets

Ours Black cat, our Chat Ragdoll, our Rowing cat and our Ringtail cat will satisfy the little ones as well as the big ones. These cladding puppets are signed by Folkmanis, a German supplier of high-end products, and are available at a price between 44.70 and 113.30 euros *. These puppets have their place in your children's rooms or in your animal theatres. Their high quality is also suitable for ventriloques, amateurs or professionals. All products for sale on our website are tested and approved by our own Mariska puppeteers.

Author: Anne Marie

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