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#5 -  Acheter un Doudou Marionnette de chez Doudou et Compagnie

#5-Buy a Puppet Doudou from Doudou et Compagnie

#5-Buy a Puppet Doudou from Doudou et Compagnie

Halfway between the puppet and the cuddly toy, the cuddly toy is an ideal development tool for babies and young children. From original characters to cute animals, choose from our cuddly toys the new companion of your evening stories !

Why choose a puppet blanket ?

The puppet doudou is the ideal choice to accompany your young child. By staging your stories or illustrating everyday moments in a playful and fun way, this toy does wonders for developing language and understanding. Within tales, silky animals and original characters will bring humor, action, imagine the adventures, etc. Alone with his puppet doudou, the baby will find a universe of infinite possibilities ! Time perfect for arousing curiosity, expressing creativity and developing the imagination of the youngest. More than anything, the puppet is a way for your little boy to communicate and exteriorize his emotions. As a family, the soft toys to animate promote moments of sharing and complicity. You can use the puppets to invent beautiful stories, tickle your child, amuse the gallery or even make a small character appear through the bedroom door. Wonder and unforgettable memories guaranteed ! To offer you these unique moments, Doudou et Compagnie offers a whole range of puppet doudou designed to please babies as much as parents.

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Puppet Doudou

The different categories of puppet doudou

Cuddly animals for tender moments

Animal friends will be angels. We have a wide range of puppets representing any type of creature. Of the little mouse the large crocodile, of sweet bunny to the magic unicornthey're all here ! One of our favorites ? This nice lion who opens his arms for a big hug. A glove puppet whose arms you can animate to play with your piece of cabbage.

The puppets with interchangeable bouille

Doudou et compagnie, our puppet supplier, has gone above and beyond to offer you the puppet of tomorrow. The front/back head can be removed from the body and then returned or exchanged with other comforters from the same collection. Smart ! Tested and approved by our teams, these soft toys are real tools for the development of creativity and imagination. Two characters in one puppet and the possibility to create the companion of your dreams : this is an original and playful concept, halfway between the awakening game and the first plush toy.

Expressive characters to awaken your stories

Puppets are perfect companions of your stories. Straight out of the best tales, our characters to handle are friendly and gentle. Run to the Earth's rescue with our puppet super-hero ! The red cape, the mask and the mysterious look: everything is there for your child to dream of prowess... while staying at home. Feel at your end of cabbage by telling a thrilling story of pirates. This cladding puppet is perfect for adding suspense and spicing up your narratives. Make toddlers dream by adding a little magic. A Fairy to Animate which can fulfill all your dreams.

Doudou and Compagnie, supplier of the best puppet doudous

Doudou and Company

All our soft puppets are signed Doudou and Company. This French supplier relies on traditional know-how to design and create innovative soft toys. Known for its quality, Doudou -Cie certifies all its stuffed animals with the CE safety standard. Every day, their passionate team gives the best to awaken the children and meet the demands of the parents. A challenge met with flying colours! Soft and resistant materials, shapes suitable for the youngest, reassuring colors... It is with pleasure that our teams maintain this beautiful collaboration with Doudou and Compagnie, to offer you the best of the puppet soft.
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