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#6 - Acheter une Marionnette Monstre - Laquelle Choisir ?

#6 -Buy a Monster Marionette-Which Choose?

#6 -Buy a Monster Marionette-Which Choose?

In the wonderful world of Monster puppets, it is the happy country of happy children. There are the nice monsters, the couiners, the swallows, the round, the poilus, the ones hiding in the bottom of their box, and even the famous monsters of "5 Sesame Street". Yes, it's a paradise. For a reasonable budget (15 to 82 euros), you will make palpitant puppet shows with a Wide range Of expressive monsters. Each model is selected from recognized manufacturers and after being tested by our professional puppeteers. With The Puppet Company And Living Puppet, you always have an affordable price with an appointment quality.

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Monsters Rounds

Marionette Red Monster

The Round monsters Of The Puppet Company Are adapted from the very young. Rounds like balloons, they are big doudous of all the colors that give themselves up An air of real monster. Since they have a small price, it is easy to set up a set of several models for your puppet show. Easy to use, they handle the hand on the back. If you are ventriloquist, attention, it seems that the Round monsters Are very talkative. If not, you can simply put them together: they have an integrated voice. The demonstration:

Monsters in a Box

Show Marionette Box

Bouh! These Monster puppets, by hand Slide out of their box! Surprise! Cunegonde, Little Yellow and his friend the lombric, the Captain, the Fou, the funny Orange dinosaur Which is so louche, voila! Five characters 30 cm to the cartoon alleys to compose fantastic fantasies.

Monster To Go

Monster to Go Marionnette

Signed Living Puppets, the Monster To Go range Is the one of the horrendous monsters in bright colors. Since they have a mini budget, they can come to many in your stories of monster puppet: rabbit to the big ears that hear everything, rat, rat bat, pink, blue, green, yellow, red. Iiiiiiii! These Sheath puppets Handle hand, with the head and mouth that stirred, a pleasure for ventrilogy dialogues. You have the choice between 9 more monstrous puppets, each measuring 35 cm.


Monsters Marionette

The Puppet Company Proposes Its collection 3 monsters, big villains. They are all poilus, grumpy, LEDs with their bright colors, and in addition, they sink! Hauts of 50 cm, light, they thread through the back and the hand can articulate the head and mouth. Guaranteed effect. They agree Both to children and adults Who want to have fun.

Monsters Sesame Street

Sesame Street Monster

Living Puppets Offers us the Iconic characters Sesame Street series, "5 Sesame Street" for the French. You will be able to replay Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grand Grover Gaining, Oscar The Crounch, and unopilant Comte Von Count Count. The Famous Puppets Exist in three sizes (33 cm, 45 cm and 65 cm), ideal for adapting to adults and children.

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