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#11 - Acheter une Marionnette Loup - Laquelle choisir ?

#11 - buy a wolf puppet - which one?

#11 - buy a wolf puppet - which one?

Which wolf puppet? Wolf, an animal that fascinates children. Some people are afraid, some people want to hug them. Our people are very nice and lovely to each other, which will attract parents and children. At our Mariska theatre, you can find our wolf puppet series, which have been tested and approved by our own puppeteers.

Wolf puppet

Our baby toys and finger puppets

From birth, your baby will like Doudou and Doudou company's Doudou brand. Only 18.80 euro, our puppet Blue Wolf and White Wolf Through their many rattles to attract his attention. Our beans will accompany your child's sleep, thanks to his soft fabric. Our finger puppets, including wolf puppets priced at 6.30 euro, are very suitable for telling him vivid stories and teaching him animal sounds.


Our children's hand puppets

The hand puppets made by our puppet company are very easy to operate and suitable for hands of any size. Like the products of living buyers, a German family business founded 20 years ago, they are very cheap. For example, our puppets wolf It is a hand puppet very suitable for small hands and big hands. You reach into the sheath and move the puppet's head and arms with your fingers.

It takes skill and a bit of practice, but you can also articulate the animal's chin, make it talk, or just imitate howling; -) the wolf puppet costs 26 euros.

Playing around puppet shows is a good way to cultivate children's imagination and language. Our forest animal Puppet Set guarantees hours of collusion and endless stories.

Our puppets wolf De Gorky will be the perfect choice for the children's theatre. These puppets are made of wood and cotton and are easily manipulated by small hands.

The wolf will be the protagonist of all the stories, from the most famous little red riding hood to the stories of your children or your own imagination: -).

Our high quality puppet models

Wolf puppet

Our puppets Wood Wolf and Cubs It's tempting, big or small. These hand puppets are designed by Folkmanis, a German supplier who has been producing very realistic and high-quality puppets for more than 30 years. Because their fur is so soft and naughty, you and your children can't resist the urge to embrace these puppets: -)

Our Wolf Grigori Rasputin From the supplier living toys, design more "cartoon". This puppet will bring more fun to children, it will be a perfect wipe animal wild and terrible side.

These puppets will find their place in your child's playroom and bedroom. But their high quality is also suitable for puppeteers and ventriloquists, amateurs or professionals.

By Anne Marie

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