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#12 - Acheter une Marionnette Lapin - Laquelle choisir ?

# 12 - Buy a rabbit puppet - which to choose?

# 12 - Buy a rabbit puppet - which to choose?

Panpan, Bugs Bunny, Alice's white rabbit in Wonderland, Jeannot Rabbit ... Rabbits have always been friendly and friendly animals. First place characters in many popular tales, they could also become the heroes of your stories. Discover our most original rabbit puppets to animate your games and develop the imagination of the whole family!

Rabbit puppet

Rabbits at the heart of a fairy universe

Visualize a hare, gaming quietly in the middle of a fairy forest. It blends into the decor, right? That's why rabbit puppets are perfect for creating a wonderful imaginary world. That's what the Puppet Company wanted to broadcast with This rabbit in a lettuce. Accompanied by three finger puppets - a ladybug, a caterpillar and a butterfly - this rodent installed his burrow in a pastelly colored vegetable. Original! Animate this rabbit by gently getting out of his home to start imagining a beautiful story. Imagine another tale with these Four rabbits living on a flowery hill. It's a whole universe that is emerging in a single puppet. Do you prefer rabbits in a real house? So you will love this couple, elegantly dressed. Rabbit and Ms. LaPine Are sheath puppets signed The Puppet Company, a supplier decidedly full of imagination.

Small demonstration here:

Rabbits cuddles, magician rabbits

Puppet Rabbit Hat

ABRACADABRA! Play the magician apprentices and take out This white rabbit from his hat. An adorable plush to animate to impress the whole family. To satisfy all ages, there is also a finger puppet version: this Lapereau in his mini hat. The magic continues with this double bouille puppet, by Doudou and Company. Sometimes a character in glasses, sometimes a rabbit with a muzzling muzzle. Simply turn the front / back face provided to turn the hero from your stories. You want to discover a last rabbit that hides a nice surprise? So we continue with the Bear, Doudou and Cie Story Collection. In the manner of a kangaroo, this puppet hides in his pocket ... a finger puppet! A rabbit with long silky hair who has bound friendship with a miniature dog. What a waiting duo.

Rabbit puppets to develop imagination

Ladic and educational, our puppets are real development tools. To allow your child to express his creativity, Folkamis has imagined a Creation kit for manufacturing a puppet rabbit From A to Z. Cut, assemble, paste ... and play! To develop the younger imagination, here is one Original hand puppet. Is it a rabbit or an antelope? How did he come to the world? It's up to you to unroll the story of this creature. Animate her silky paws and her mouth babysit to start dreaming.

To work your sense of humor, what better of this puppet hare sock ? A Cartoon style rodent signed Living Puppet. Her long ears, her round nose and her eyes through you will surely inspire comic shows. Perfect to try to become ventriloque or to joke with family. Do you prefer more classic rabbit puppets?

Realistic hare characters? See you on our site to discover all our range of rabbits to animate.

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