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#13 - Acheter une Marionnette Lion - Laquelle choisir ?

#13 - buy a lion puppet - which one?

#13 - buy a lion puppet - which one?

Lion, what a magnificent animal! A beautiful mane, powerful claws, a Cylon tail... There is no doubt that the king of Savannah deserves his title. African lion puppets are ideal for creating wild and exotic stories. Learn about our Lion Plush Series animation and start roaring. Roar!

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Lion puppet

The lion hugged the baby

What better than the king of the Savannah to soothe a cabbage afraid of the dark? Choose a lion puppet to play games with your children. Between beans and toys, The gentle and friendly lion Big or small. Doudou et Compagnie is a French supplier known for the quality of its plush toys. Put your hands in peas and do some crazy tickling or greeting for your child.

For a gentle family hug, turn to The lion has a comfortable stomach-Yes. Your child can enliven him / her, imagine beautiful stories, or hold him / her tight at night.


The king of Savannah is honored Color hand puppetDesigned by puppet company. A graphic and reassuring lion is very suitable for cultivating creativity and imagination.

A lion puppet to show your African story

When you tell a story, there's nothing better than a puppet! Say goodbye to mediocre reading and turn your African story into a vivid and interactive one. Do you need to develop your puppet skills? Select this Hairy lion signature Folkmanis-Yes. Thumb on one leg, ear on the other, the rest of the hand on the head, you're ready to roar. The feel good detail is: slide the index finger to the lower part of the mouth and animate the jaw. Roar! Don't forget Lady lionPuppets designed by puppet company. Its big nose and silky legs are easy to handle. Do you like to have a good time in the gallery and add a little craziness to your performance? that Carl the lion It's for you! A cunning cartoon character, an arrogant expression, a big mouth... You must recognize the paws of the living puppet. Carl the lion has a unique style. Shake his head, let his mane dance, and animate his claws, but feel clumsy.

The king of the prairie is surrounded by his companions

What would the king of the Savannah look like without other African animals? For fun and educational games, collect a number of wild puppets. If you want to invite Savannah to your house without destroying yourself, go to the finger puppet. It's a very modest price guarantee, with no compromise in terms of quality and entertainment. Electronic stability control system Three matching Plush This is a good example. Gorky's finger puppets represent wild animals... But they are very cute! Do you like puppets tied up with ropes? Good. Let's introduce you Our African animal series videos. lionGiraffes, zebras, crocodiles... They're all here. One thing is for sure: with these collections, your child will know grassland animals like the back of his hand.

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