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#14 - Acheter une Marionnette Ours - Laquelle choisir ?

#14 - buy a bear puppet - which one?

#14 - buy a bear puppet - which one?

Bear is the star of Doudou. The bear puppet combines the advantages of plush toys and toys - soft hugs and reassuring animal presence. At any age, bears are amazing, entertaining and imaginative. Explore our bear puppet series and choose a story that will accompany you!

Lovely cub

Puppet Bear Bean

You must know the story of the golden ring and the three bears. Read and read, now it's time to revive it! We have a perfect box: one 4 Finger Puppet suit-Yes. Golden ring, mother bear, Father Bear and their cubs unite to make your story vivid. After the story at night, go to sleep! What better night for a baby than a teddy bear? We found a better way: Puppet Doudou, Doudou and company signature-Yes. Between Doudou and animated toys, these plush toys are ideal for soothing the youngest child and creating a moment of family collusion. French suppliers are known for the softness and quality of their pods, offering a wide range of pups: Joppie Who likes to play with his little ball, this one Apple hand puppet And his rattle, or Serrated A colorful bear. These puppets are easy to operate and are really the first awakening toys.

Forest idol of all ages

Do you like to laugh? Good. Our bear puppet is also good. here Bertazar, a hand puppet Signature: living puppet. A cartoon style that can't be ignored: crooked eyes, red tongue, big and clumsy legs... There's no doubt that Baltazar will be the center of your comedy story. Unless you like it Kitto -Is that right? The mischievous bear I love acting. An easy to operate sheath puppet is the ideal choice for your first oral performance. Do you think historical heroes should not be alone? That's why bears are always with their friends in the forest. If you like to use your paws and the mouth of a puppet, you'll like it. This sleeve puppet-Yes. It's a lovely furry bear, and it's easy to get excited. To learn the secrets of manipulating our puppets, check out the following: Forest animal demonstration video-Yes. If you like smaller size, please turn to our finger puppet. The characters designed for children's fingers are very suitable for them to create stories with different characters. This is an example A group of small animalsIt's as cheap as theirs. In order to choose your new historical partner, here A brown bear from puppet company-Yes. With all your animals in the forest This video.

The real bear puppet invites the forest home

Puppet bear

To rebuild the forest world directly at home, Folkmanis designed The bear is in its stump-Yes. The joke is that the character can be completely hidden in his shelter and come out to surprise the walker. Shh! Let's not forget our friend polar bear. This is a problem White bear puppet Come straight down from the ice and play with you. Page of Wild grizzly bear to Brown cubFolkmanis, a German supplier, offers a range of very realistic bears that you can immerse in your story.

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