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#16 - Acheter une Marionnette Girafe - Laquelle choisir ?

#16- buy giraffe puppet - which one?

#16- buy giraffe puppet - which one?

Buy giraffe puppet - which one?

Giraffe is an animal that attracts people, regardless of size. It is famous for its long neck, very thin and long legs... It is undoubtedly one of the thinnest and most magnificent animals on the grassland. Giraffe puppets are very suitable for telling a story full of cold and pain in the jungle. Now let's look at the giraffe beans we collected, which were tested by our puppet before they were born in your home.

Puppet Giraffe

Giraffe sleeps with the child

Nothing is more brave and powerful than giraffes that can make our little angels sleep. From this point of view, our giraffe puppets will be present to avoid fear or nightmare in fear. Who doesn't want to touch the silky, soft, pleasant puppets? They will make the child as happy as their parents!

from Live pupa Its color, big eyes and retractable mouth will amaze your child. The German supplier is famous for its superior quality and affordable price. Tickling, touching and hugging will be part of these lovely, interesting giraffe puppets.

Your child will like to embrace the wild puppet that only needs tame and embrace, and in a few minutes, he will improvise his "protector.". You will see that he will protect his giraffe puppet from the other ferocious animals in the forest. Folk madman The price of 43.60 euros is an ideal choice for cultivating emotional, intellectual and emotional abilities.


Giraffe puppet tells your adventure story

When you want your child to listen to your story, puppets are the toys you need. It will be a good substitute for traditional reading. Turn ordinary stories into real interaction and real adventure through fingers, scabbard, or wire puppets.

If you want to play your puppet skills further, bet on Goki's giraffe puppet-Yes. It can be made of wood and fabric to meet your needs and wishes. In addition, the minimum price for this kind of plush toy connected with rope is 13 euros. When you have a good time, your front, back and head are moving, and you're simulating a game across the prairie to avoid the fire caused by poachers. Use awkward posture to attract the audience.

Don't forget the giraffe puppet Puppet company-Yes. Her huge black eyelashes make her a very beautiful animal! Easy to operate, suitable for children to use, for your performance added a little strange feeling. If you like original and unique scenes, this puppet is for you!

Giraffe and his friends on the prairie

To play a bigger role, a giraffe was accompanied by his faithful friend Elephant puppet And lions puppets! The three shocking people will fight the bad and will experience a variety of risks. With this collection of wild puppets, your child will be immersed in history from the beginning. Finger puppets are compromises, and if you don't ignore fun, especially quality, you won't be destroyed. For more inspiration, watch our African animal series video. After that, prairie animals will no longer be kept secret for your children. Whatever the giraffe puppet is, Lion puppet or the elephant puppet you are looking for, on our website, you are right at the right address!

Author: Lioness

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