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#17 - Acheter une Marionnette Souris - Laquelle choisir ?

#17 - buy a smiling puppet - which one?

#17 - buy a smiling puppet - which one?

Big round ears, small pointed nose, soft fur... Mouse fur is a lovely and friendly character. Our mouse puppets stimulate imagination and cultivate creativity, which is a real awakening game. To liven up your evening stories, or to liven up your home games, explore our rodent puppet series.


Our puppets smile for young people

You must know the legend of the tooth rat? This amazing little rodent comes to retrieve the teeth that the children have dropped and exchange them for a beautiful treasure. I heard she built a beautiful enamel palace with it... If your child starts to lose baby teeth, it's time to buy one The mouse Fairy-Yes. When you touch it with your fingers, you can tell its legend and reassure your children because they are worried that their teeth will move. Speaking of comforting partners, we have a series of lovely puppets, Doudou and Doudou company. Soft and friendly, these controllable plush toys are perfect for young children. Choose from pink rodents Pink puppet PearlThis Butterfly friendly mouse perhaps Folding pioc And his big orange sweater.

A little mouse who likes to hide

Because of their size, mice like to play hide and seek! Our various puppets perfectly represent this special little rodent world, and our furniture seems to be so big for them. Folkmanis, for example, is a creative German supplier that designs Mice in Watermelon-Yes. She seems to eat it as a meal, and then regard it as her home! Have a good time, bring the animals out of hiding place and surprise the big and small animals. Do you like pumpkin? It is also possible Hand puppet It looks like coming out of Cinderella's background. If you prefer ratatouil to the story of the princess, here's one A mouse hidden in a jar-Yes. Maybe there's a chef behind this puppet? Or whatever... After all, it's up to you to unfold the story and unleash your imagination. Do you like hiding places as much as we do? Then you'll like it This mouse family Take a walk in a piece of cheese. Puppet company's set, including five matching finger puppets.

Puppets for your humor and oral performance

For a lively and humorous performance, there is nothing better than cartoon style and fashionable puppets. For example, try Pinball grey mouse-Yes. This sleeve puppet has long teeth and big bright pink ears, which will add vitality to your oral performance. The living puppet also signed one Puppet mouse Comedy style. You can animate his arms and mouth to let you immerse yourself in your jokes. For a more interesting and educational story, Folkmanis conceived Mice with backpacks-Yes. I'm glad to go to school. She can help your children recite their lessons. It's also fun. From tiny finger puppets to sleeve puppets, from white mice to brown chinchillas, find all our rodent deals on our website.



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