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#18 - Acheter une Marionnette Cochon - Laquelle choisir ?

#18 - buy a pig puppet - which one?

#18 - buy a pig puppet - which one?

Once upon a time, many pig Let the wolf become sentimental. They are sheathed and can be worn on hands or fingers, regardless of size. Our Mariska theatre puppeteers have tested and approved 18 for you Pig puppetIt'll make you happy. You'll be fascinated.


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Pig puppets for children

So, do, do, do, puppet... From a very young age, our children like to play with us and feel together with us.
Our designer choice: Puppet company and Folk madmanFor puppets on the fingers, for example Small flying pigPig or miracle! -Yes. aggregate Three little pigs are with the wolf. Don't forget Doudou companyA French brand for the great Doudou puppet portfolio. Classic Doudou becomes a wake-up game with soft materials and colors.
In this context, everything is to create a safe and interesting interaction.
Children's laughter will melt you. Look! ad locum They are easy to handle.

Our pig puppets for children and adults

The farm adventure will never end! Well, you will be able to tell countless stories that will develop imagination and language at home, at school or on the stage.
This series of pigs is a collection of puppets with sheaths, short sleeves or long sleeves, which are classified by us on the skin flap. We are looking for the most cost-effective, design quality, personalized products for you Expressive-Yes. Budget between 9.99 euro and 38.50 euro, you can use a 17 cm to 48 cm pig puppet panel. They're all signed by our reference creator, Life puppet, Puppet company, Goch.
They are part of the collection Farm animalsAs a result, your pig can be allocated to its peers.
They are ideal for children who want to dream or develop their expressive skills, and for adults who like to make up stories or communicate in an interesting and educational way. The demo is ad locum.
By the way, for pigs, do we mean growl or growl?


We design pig puppets for adults and professionals

pig Folk madman It's all driven by passion, puppet show! Our puppeteers at Mariska theater loved it.
This range is controlled by Folk madmanA professional manufacturer of high-grade puppets. It is suitable for adult game enthusiasts and professionals. SES company role Allow subtle manipulation to enhance the effect of those who want to be a ventriloquist. They can be used by unfolding the fingers in the jaw, upper part of the head and legs.
This series brings you amazing pigs: flying, roaring, Indian pigShort sleeves, back or fingers. Most are less than 20 cm in size and budget between 9.90 and 114 euros





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