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#19 - Acheter une Marionnette Poule - Laquelle choisir ?

#19-Buy a Hen Puppet - Which one to choose ?

#19-Buy a Hen Puppet - Which one to choose ?

The happiness on the farm is that there are a lot of adventures, all delicious to tell. Puppets chickens, chicks, chicken, rooster, here are more than 15 birds to invent stories or make fun puppet shows. We have gathered for you a range of glove puppets, for the hand or for the finger, signed by the creators The Puppet's Company, Living Puppets and Folkmanis. Realistic or rather hilarious, from the smallest to the largest, they open the door to your imagination.

The World of Puppetry is a team of professional puppeteerscurious, incorrigible, very attached to your satisfaction : we have therefore tested and validated all the hens before proposing them to you.
Direction the barnyard learn more !

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Our chicken puppets to entertain the little ones

Mom hen fiddles around her chick who does not distrust the fox ! But what does the cock ! Placed on thin fingers, the puppet hen redhead and the yellow chick come alive. Soft materials, movable legs, they follow your movements. By combining several farm animals, you create an infinite number of playful or educational stories.
You prefer the glove puppets who marry the hand ? We have tested and selected a range that will amuse children, signed The Puppet's Company. This manufacturer is very good value for money, with friendly pets.
Around a book, at school, just to distract and invent stories, to make a puppet show, put on these puppets or offer the child to do it himself.




Our puppets for children

There blonde hen, brunette, Heini the cock, Funky the chicken, Herta and her chick Gisela, there are all personalities.
Puppet Living Puppets give you the impression of being in a cartoon, with living characters that inspire the imagination. Fancy trying to become a ventriloquist ? Simply pass the hand through the sheath of the puppet hen to liven up the mouth. The illusion will be perfect, the kids will love it !
These puppets are made with pleasant and quality materials, for an affordable budget.



Our puppets hens for professionals and amateur adults

Our puppets are all signed by trusted creators, which we select and test for you, in situation. Folkmanis is a manufacturer that bets on high quality: the design is neat, in line with the standards of guarantees, with very expressive characters that stimulate the imagination.
Model mini chick that fits in the hand, to the hen with bluffing plumage, you have the hand to create truly diverse styles of saynetes. ventriloquists professional or herb will enjoy the comfort to animate the mouth and body of the puppet, they will have a lot of fun with the young chickens who give themselves the reply.

Charming, endearing, alive, these puppets hens are part of the animals of the farm. Visit to their puppet friends pigs, sheep, ducks, cows and so many others; -)


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